Braces Emergencies

Occasional problems with braces and other orthodontic appliances can lead to discomfort or injury. Even newly fitted orthodontic appliances such as braces can cause pain and discomfort. In most cases, home-based remedies can solve these problems. However, severe discomfort and injuries arising from breakages or malfunction of the braces require the services of an orthodontist. Below are some instances when you should see an emergency orthodontist for your braces emergency.

General Discomfort and Pain

It is normal to experience minor pain and discomfort following the application of braces. Remedies for relieving minor pain and discomfort include the use of over the counter pain relievers, drinking cold water, and use of an oral anesthetic spray. However, if you experience severe pain and discomfort, you should call an emergency orthodontist immediately so they can evaluate the fit and recommend any necessary medication.

Complications and Injury from Braces

While injuries arising from braces are quite rare, protruding wires can prick the inside of the mouth and lead to injury and mouth sores. Where possible, you can press the wires to align them. In severe cases, an emergency orthodontist is required to align the wire and reset the braces. You should not ignore any injury to your mouth from braces as the problem can become more severe.

Brace Malfunction

Loose wires and brackets can reduce the functionality and effectiveness of the braces, which may lead to a relapse of the original arch pattern. If your braces are too loose or start falling apart, you should see an orthodontist immediately to evaluate the problem.

Loose Expander Appliance

A rapid maxillary expander is a device that is used to widen the upper jaw. Apart from the discomfort that a loose expander can cause, you are at risk of losing the correction that has already been achieved by wearing it. You should, therefore, call an emergency orthodontist immediately if your maxillary expander becomes loose to get professional advice on what steps to take next.

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